Newark CBP Quarterly Recap 12/3/14

CEE’S-Joanne Colonello:

• 10 CEE’s/3 soon to be in place
• All Importers whom are part of the CEE are having their entries processed by them directly/Non Members are done by their existing commodity Team
• Newark has all 10 CEE/JFK has 8 excluding Petroleum and Base Metals

ACE-Carol Fowlkes:

• Main date review-May 1, 2015/Nov 1, 2015/ & Oct 1, 2016
• Please refer to
• Full ACE functionality will be available by July 2016 but will become Mandatory on Oct 1, 2016 whereas ABI will then cease to exist

ISF-Herb Herter:

• 3 Strike Rule with continue/CBP will look at the warnings nationwide and contact other ports regarding a previous Strike or Warning/CBP working collectively on this procedure
• Port of Norfolk issued one penalty for an ISF as an example that was confirmed
• Less than 100 Penalties issued Nationally
• NY/NJ-No Penalties issued to date
• Leniency on new importers who have filed late
• CBP is Definitely Going after NON FILERS but will show leniency regarding Late filings
• One warning letter issued thus far by request by a Broker to their habitually late supplier
• CBP working on a National Tracking System for 3 strikes
• Mitigation will still be an option
• Do not Load may still be an option


• Verbally authorized the Pipeline when attaching a 3461 for a Stamped DAD
• 3461 will be electronically stamped and sent back
• DAU transitioning back to the uniform division
• Bob Campanera is now taking over for Santos Perez
• Bob Campanera T#973-968-6167

USDA-Basil Liakokis:

• CBP/USDA is undergoing a top down process for internal and external improvement to assist stakeholders
• Vet Permits/C/O Vet Certificate must have the same language or it will be rejected-Ex-Dog Chews
• 3-4 Days on rejections